Portulacaceae Claytonia sibirica var. sibirica

Siberian Springbeauty

Karok - Other, Toys & Games

Use documented by:
Schenck, Sara M. and E. W. Gifford, 1952, Karok Ethnobotany, Anthropological Records 13(6):377-392, page 383

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Scientific name: Claytonia sibirica var. sibirica
USDA symbol: CLSIS (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Siberian Springbeauty
Family: Portulacaceae
Family (APG): Portulacaceae
Native American Tribe: Karok
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Toys & Games
Notes: Fresh flowers used by children to play a game. Each of the two players held a stem in his hand and tried to hook his flower around his opponent's flower. When the flowers were engaged, the players pulled and the one whose flower head came off lost. It was done over and over and a score was kept.

RECRD: 8523 id: 10176