Laminariaceae Costaria costata (Turner) Saunders

Short Kelp

Hesquiat - Food, Dried Food

Use documented by:
Turner, Nancy J. and Barbara S. Efrat, 1982, Ethnobotany of the Hesquiat Indians of Vancouver Island, Victoria. British Columbia Provincial Museum, page 24

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Scientific name: Costaria costata (Turner) Saunders
Common names: Short Kelp
Family: Laminariaceae
Family (APG):
Native American Tribe: Hesquiat
Use category: Food
Use sub-category: Dried Food
Notes: Stipes and fronds with attached herring eggs dried for later use. These strong, tough seaweeds grow in the subtidal and intertidal zones. Sometimes, herring spawn on the stipes and fronds of these short kelps, and then the plants are gathered and dipped briefly in hot water or dried for later use. The spawn is taken off the longer types and the alga discarded, or, in the case of the broad, leafy types, the alga is eaten along with the eggs. If the kelps with spawn are dried first, they are simply soaked in water before being eaten.

RECRD: 474 id: 11326