Polygonaceae Eriogonum elatum Dougl. ex Benth.

Tall Woolly Buckwheat

Paiute - Other, Toys & Games

Use documented by:
Mahar, James Michael., 1953, Ethnobotany of the Oregon Paiutes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Reed College, B.A. Thesis, page 68

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Scientific name: Eriogonum elatum Dougl. ex Benth.
USDA symbol: ERELE (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Tall Woolly Buckwheat
Family: Polygonaceae
Family (APG): Polygonaceae
Native American Tribe: Paiute
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Toys & Games
Notes: Stems used in game similar to wishbone pulling. When the plant has matured and the stems are dry and brittle, the stout, long-branched flowering stems of this plant are used to play a game. Two children fashion a hook for themselves from the branching portion of the stem. These hooks are interlocked, and the participants pull on them until one of the hooks is broken. The person with the unbroken hook is considered to be the winner.

RECRD: 1431 id: 13994