Cactaceae Ferocactus wislizeni (Engelm.) Britt. & Rose

Candy Barrelcactus

Apache, San Carlos - Food, Porridge

Use documented by:
Hrdlicka, Ales, 1908, Physiological and Medical Observations Among the Indians of Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, SI-BAE Bulletin #34:1-427, page 257

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Scientific name: Ferocactus wislizeni (Engelm.) Britt. & Rose
USDA symbol: FEWI (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Candy Barrelcactus
Family: Cactaceae
Family (APG): Cactaceae
Native American Tribe: Apache, San Carlos
Use category: Food
Use sub-category: Porridge
Notes: Small, black seeds parched, ground, boiled and eaten as mush.

RECRD: 46753 id: 14739