Oleaceae Fraxinus nigra Marsh.

Black Ash

Chippewa - Fiber, Basketry

Use documented by:
Gilmore, Melvin R., 1933, Some Chippewa Uses of Plants, Ann Arbor. University of Michigan Press, page 139

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Scientific name: Fraxinus nigra Marsh.
USDA symbol: FRNI (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Black Ash
Family: Oleaceae
Family (APG): Oleaceae
Native American Tribe: Chippewa
Use category: Fiber
Use sub-category: Basketry
Notes: Wood logs beaten with mauls to separate the growth layers, cut into strips and woven into baskets. The wood logs were beaten with mauls until the growth layers were loosened so that they could be separated. The thin sheets of wood were then cut into strips of the desired size and woven into baskets.

RECRD: 32002 id: 15242