Cupressaceae Juniperus monosperma (Engelm.) Sarg.

Oneseed Juniper

Tewa - Drug, Gynecological Aid

Use documented by:
Colton, Harold S., 1974, Hopi History And Ethnobotany, IN D. A. Horr (ed.) Hopi Indians. Garland: New York., page 330

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Scientific name: Juniperus monosperma (Engelm.) Sarg.
USDA symbol: JUMO (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Oneseed Juniper
Family: Cupressaceae
Family (APG): Cupressaceae
Native American Tribe: Tewa
Use category: Drug
Use sub-category: Gynecological Aid
Notes: Infusion of leaves taken and used for many purposes. Juniper was chewed or an infusion of leaves was taken by women immediately after giving birth. During the lying-in period, all of the mother's food was prepared with a decoction of leaves. Her head was washed with yucca suds and her body bathed with hot infusion of leaves while her clothes were washed in water in which leaves of juniper had been placed.

RECRD: 21449 id: 18728