Cupressaceae Juniperus osteosperma (Torr.) Little

Utah Juniper

Havasupai - Other, Fuel

Use documented by:
Weber, Steven A. and P. David Seaman, 1985, Havasupai Habitat: A. F. Whiting's Ethnography of a Traditional Indian Culture, Tucson. The University of Arizona Press, page 206

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Scientific name: Juniperus osteosperma (Torr.) Little
USDA symbol: JUOS (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Utah Juniper
Family: Cupressaceae
Family (APG): Cupressaceae
Native American Tribe: Havasupai
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Fuel
Notes: Crushed bark used as a 'slow match.' The crushed bark was twisted into a rope, tied at intervals with yucca and wrapped into a coil. The free end was set on fire and kept smoldering by blowing on it at intervals. Fire could be carried in this fashion from early dawn until noon.

RECRD: 7160 id: 18857