Lessioniaceae Nereocystis luetkeana (Mert.) Post. & Rupr.

Giant Kelp

Nitinaht - Drug, Dermatological Aid

Use documented by:
Turner, Nancy J., John Thomas, Barry F. Carlson and Robert T. Ogilvie, 1983, Ethnobotany of the Nitinaht Indians of Vancouver Island, Victoria. British Columbia Provincial Museum, page 52

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Scientific name: Nereocystis luetkeana (Mert.) Post. & Rupr.
Common names: Giant Kelp
Family: Lessioniaceae
Family (APG):
Native American Tribe: Nitinaht
Use category: Drug
Use sub-category: Dermatological Aid
Notes: Bulbs dried, melted, hardened and used as skin cream for protection from sun, wind and cold.

RECRD: 47065 id: 23716