Pinaceae Pinus contorta Dougl. ex Loud.

Lodgepole Pine

Blackfoot - Other, Toys & Games

Use documented by:
Hellson, John C., 1974, Ethnobotany of the Blackfoot Indians, Ottawa. National Museums of Canada. Mercury Series, page 116

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Scientific name: Pinus contorta Dougl. ex Loud.
USDA symbol: PICOC (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Lodgepole Pine
Family: Pinaceae
Family (APG): Pinaceae
Native American Tribe: Blackfoot
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Toys & Games
Notes: Wood used to make story sticks. Story sticks were prepared by older men and presented to children in return for favors. The sticks were notched to count the number of stories that the man would tell the child. They were often varnished with a solution of boiled hoof and steer phallus and sometimes red ochre was added. Then the stick was polished with a piece of rawhide. Story sticks were sometimes used to hang tipi doors.

RECRD: 4090 id: 27397