Polygonaceae Polygonum amphibium L.

Water Knotweed

Cree, Woodlands - Drug, Panacea

Use documented by:
Leighton, Anna L., 1985, Wild Plant Use by the Woods Cree (Nihithawak) of East-Central Saskatchewan, Ottawa. National Museums of Canada. Mercury Series, page 51

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Scientific name: Polygonum amphibium L.
USDA symbol: POAMS (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Water Knotweed
Family: Polygonaceae
Family (APG): Polygonaceae
Native American Tribe: Cree, Woodlands
Use category: Drug
Use sub-category: Panacea
Notes: Powdered roots added to a many herb remedy and used for various ailments.

RECRD: 5605 id: 28866