Dryopteridaceae Polystichum munitum (Kaulfuss) K. Presl

Western Swordfern

Nitinaht - Other, Toys & Games

Use documented by:
Gill, Steven J., 1983, Ethnobotany of the Makah and Ozette People, Olympic Peninsula, Washington (USA), Washington State University, Ph.D. Thesis, page 221

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Scientific name: Polystichum munitum (Kaulfuss) K. Presl
USDA symbol: POMU (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Western Swordfern
Family: Dryopteridaceae
Family (APG):
Native American Tribe: Nitinaht
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Toys & Games
Notes: Fronds used in the game, pile pile. The game, pile pile, was played frequently in Neah Bay earlier this century and went as follows: one would take a deep breath and pluck the pinnae one by one saying 'pile' for each, all in one breath. The winner was the one who reached the top (apex) of the frond, pulled the most pinnae off, before running out of breath. In Neah Bay anyone could play this game, but among the Nitinaht, where adults also play pile pile, the game was a family privilege exercised at big potlatches.

RECRD: 6129 id: 29128