Ranunculaceae Anemone cylindrica Gray

Candle Anemone

Ponca - Other, Good Luck Charm

Use documented by:
Gilmore, Melvin R., 1919, Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region, SI-BAE Annual Report #33, page 82

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Scientific name: Anemone cylindrica Gray
USDA symbol: ANCY (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Candle Anemone
Family: Ranunculaceae
Family (APG): Ranunculaceae
Native American Tribe: Ponca
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Good Luck Charm
Notes: Wooly fruits used as good luck charms when playing cards. They rubbed their hands in the smoke that resulted from burning some of the wooly fruits for good luck. Some of the chewed fruit would work as well.

RECRD: 31314 id: 3344