Apiaceae Angelica dawsonii S. Wats.

Dawson's Angelica

Blackfoot - Other, Ceremonial Items

Use documented by:
Hellson, John C., 1974, Ethnobotany of the Blackfoot Indians, Ottawa. National Museums of Canada. Mercury Series, page 40

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Scientific name: Angelica dawsonii S. Wats.
USDA symbol: ANDA (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Dawson's Angelica
Family: Apiaceae
Family (APG): Apiaceae
Native American Tribe: Blackfoot
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Ceremonial Items
Notes: Root used by the Horn Society in the initiation ceremonies. The root was found in the nontransferable initiation bundles. Having been distributed by the owner of the Spear Staff bundle to the others, down to the owner of the Marten, the root was kept in the mouth and used to bless the initiates. After the ritual, the root was tied to the paint application sticks, to fortify and replenish the supernatural power inherent in the paint. The same was done with a wooden scratching pin, which was either worn in the hair or attached to one's garments. This was done in preparation for the next opening ceremony.

RECRD: 3621 id: 3490