Cupressaceae Thuja plicata Donn ex D. Don

Western Redcedar

Hanaksiala - Other, Ceremonial Items

Use documented by:
Compton, Brian Douglas, 1993, Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian Ethnobotany: The Knowledge and Usage of Plants..., Ph.D. Dissertation, University of British Columbia, page 162

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Scientific name: Thuja plicata Donn ex D. Don
USDA symbol: THPL (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Western Redcedar
Family: Cupressaceae
Family (APG): Cupressaceae
Native American Tribe: Hanaksiala
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Ceremonial Items
Notes: Bark used in the fire dancer's headdress to produce sparks and fire. A baking powder can with a copper tube in front and a flexible hose in the back was filled with burning red cedar outer bark. An aide to the Fire Dancer blew on the hose in the back to produce sparks and smoke at the front of the headdress, which concealed the can and embers.

RECRD: 61076 id: 40007