Liliaceae Xerophyllum tenax (Pursh) Nutt.

Common Beargrass

Yurok - Fiber, Clothing

Use documented by:
Baker, Marc A., 1981, The Ethnobotany of the Yurok, Tolowa and Karok Indians of Northwest California, Humboldt State University, M.A. Thesis, page 63

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Scientific name: Xerophyllum tenax (Pursh) Nutt.
USDA symbol: XETE (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Common Beargrass
Family: Liliaceae
Family (APG): Nartheciaceae
Native American Tribe: Yurok
Use category: Fiber
Use sub-category: Clothing
Notes: Small leaves used to make dresses. Plants were burned every year. Leaves were harvested in the spring when they first began to grow out from their charred rhizome. Prior to use, the leaves were soaked in water to make them pliable, but if left too long they turned green.

RECRD: 6047 id: 43733