Agavaceae Yucca sp.


Navajo - Other, Protection

Use documented by:
Elmore, Francis H., 1944, Ethnobotany of the Navajo, Sante Fe, NM. School of American Research, page 34

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Scientific name: Yucca sp.
Common names: Yucca
Family: Agavaceae
Family (APG): Asparagaceae
Native American Tribe: Navajo
Use category: Other
Use sub-category: Protection
Notes: Leaf juice mixed with powders and applied to shields. Yucca leaves were heated over a fire and the juice wrung out of them into an earthen vessel. The juice was then mixed with powders and applied to the shield with a pointed stick to make it live in the power of the sun, the serpent, the bear, the lightning and the rainbow.

RECRD: 2720 id: 44254