Aceraceae Acer saccharum Marsh.

Sugar Maple

Ojibwa - Food, Sweetener

Use documented by:
Smith, Huron H., 1932, Ethnobotany of the Ojibwe Indians, Bulletin of the Public Museum of Milwaukee 4:327-525, page 394

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Scientific name: Acer saccharum Marsh.
USDA symbol: ACSAS (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Sugar Maple
Family: Aceraceae
Family (APG): Sapindaceae
Native American Tribe: Ojibwa
Use category: Food
Use sub-category: Sweetener
Notes: Maple sugar used to season all kinds of meats, replaced now with salt. Smith describes in detail the process by which the Ojibwe make maple syrup. Although now (1932) they use iron kettles, originally the sap and storage vessels were 'made of birch bark, sewed with boiled basswood fiber or the core of the jack pine root.' The vessels are rendered waterproof by the application of pitch secured by boiling jack pine cones.

RECRD: 408 id: 704