Asteraceae Chaetopappa ericoides (Torr.) Nesom

Rose Heath

Hopi - Drug, Reproductive Aid

Use documented by:
Colton, Harold S., 1974, Hopi History And Ethnobotany, IN D. A. Horr (ed.) Hopi Indians. Garland: New York., page 290

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Scientific name: Chaetopappa ericoides (Torr.) Nesom
USDA symbol: CHER2 (View details at USDA PLANTS site)
Common names: Rose Heath
Family: Asteraceae
Family (APG): Asteraceae
Native American Tribe: Hopi
Use category: Drug
Use sub-category: Reproductive Aid
Notes: Plant used to determine the sex of a child. This is quite an ambiguous reference. The text says this: 'This plant is used by the Hopi Indians as genetic factor among the Indian clans. Genetic factor refers to the choice of a small (female) or large (male) plant to assist in determining the sex of a child.' It is, therefore, unclear if the plant is used to detect whether the fetus is male or female, or to cause the child to be one or the other. Elsewhere, this author tells us that the Hopi make a decoction of the leaves of juniper 'which is said to be a laxative and is taken by women who desire a female child.' This suggests that the second possibility may be the correct one, with administration of large plants if you want a son and small ones if you want a daughter.

RECRD: 21316 id: 9035