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Centaurea americana Nutt.
American Star Thistle
Kiowa Drug, Dermatological Aid
Poultice of leaves applied to skin sores.
Vestal, Paul A. and Richard Evans Schultes, 1939, The Economic Botany of the Kiowa Indians, Cambridge MA. Botanical Museum of Harvard University, page 58
Centaurea melitensis L.
Maltese Star Thistle
Mahuna Drug, Kidney Aid
Plant used for the kidneys.
Romero, John Bruno, 1954, The Botanical Lore of the California Indians, New York. Vantage Press, Inc., page 69
Centaurea sp.
Batchelor Buttons
Rappahannock Drug, Dermatological Aid
Bruised leaves used as a salve for sores.
Speck, Frank G., R.B. Hassrick and E.S. Carpenter, 1942, Rappahannock Herbals, Folk-Lore and Science of Cures, Proceedings of the Delaware County Institute of Science 10:7-55., page 33