Amsinckia tessellata Gray

Common names: Bristly Fiddleneck
Species details (USDA): USDA AMTET

Documented uses

3 uses documented
Gosiute Food, Unspecified detail... (Chamberlin, Ralph V., 1911, The Ethno-Botany of the Gosiute Indians of Utah, Memoirs of the American Anthropological Association 2(5):331-405., pages 361)
Kawaiisu Food, Vegetable detail... (Zigmond, Maurice L., 1981, Kawaiisu Ethnobotany, Salt Lake City. University of Utah Press, pages 11)
Pima Food, Unspecified detail... (Hrdlicka, Ales, 1908, Physiological and Medical Observations Among the Indians of Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, SI-BAE Bulletin #34:1-427, pages 264)