Ranunculus pallasii Schlecht.

Common names: Pallas' Buttercup
Species details (USDA): USDA RAPA2

Documented uses

4 uses documented
Alaska Native Food, Unspecified detail... (Heller, Christine A., 1953, Edible and Poisonous Plants of Alaska, University of Alaska, pages 53)
Eskimo, Alaska Food, Unspecified detail... (Anderson, J. P., 1939, Plants Used by the Eskimo of the Northern Bering Sea and Arctic Regions of Alaska, American Journal of Botany 26:714-16, pages 715)
Eskimo, Alaska Food, Unspecified detail... (Ager, Thomas A. and Lynn Price Ager, 1980, Ethnobotany of The Eskimos of Nelson Island, Alaska, Arctic Anthropology 27:26-48, pages 35)
Eskimo, Inupiat Drug, Poison detail... (Jones, Anore, 1983, Nauriat Niginaqtuat = Plants That We Eat, Kotzebue, Alaska. Maniilaq Association Traditional Nutrition Program, pages 143)