Smilax sp.

Common names: Catbriar

Documented uses

4 uses documented
Cree Drug, Venereal Aid detail... (Beardsley, Gretchen, 1941, Notes on Cree Medicines, Based on Collections Made by I. Cowie in 1892., Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters 28:483-496, pages 495)
Creek Drug, Dermatological Aid detail... (Swanton, John R, 1928, Religious Beliefs and Medical Practices of the Creek Indians, SI-BAE Annual Report #42:473-672, pages 661)
Creek Drug, Dermatological Aid detail... (Taylor, Linda Averill, 1940, Plants Used As Curatives by Certain Southeastern Tribes, Cambridge, MA. Botanical Museum of Harvard University, pages 7)
Rappahannock Drug, Unspecified detail... (Speck, Frank G., R.B. Hassrick and E.S. Carpenter, 1942, Rappahannock Herbals, Folk-Lore and Science of Cures, Proceedings of the Delaware County Institute of Science 10:7-55., pages 31)