Boykinia occidentalis Torr. & Gray

Common names: Coastal Brookfoam
Species details (USDA): USDA BOOC2

Documented uses

4 uses documented
Karok Other, Incense & Fragrance detail... (Schenck, Sara M. and E. W. Gifford, 1952, Karok Ethnobotany, Anthropological Records 13(6):377-392, pages 384)
Makah Other, Decorations detail... (Gill, Steven J., 1983, Ethnobotany of the Makah and Ozette People, Olympic Peninsula, Washington (USA), Washington State University, Ph.D. Thesis, pages 257)
Quileute Drug, Tuberculosis Remedy detail... (Gunther, Erna, 1973, Ethnobotany of Western Washington, Seattle. University of Washington Press. Revised edition, pages 31)
Yuki Drug, Unspecified detail... (Chestnut, V. K., 1902, Plants Used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California, Contributions from the U.S. National Herbarium 7:295-408., pages 353)