Calochortus tolmiei Hook. & Arn.

Common names: Tolmie Startulip
Species details (USDA): USDA CATO

Documented uses

3 uses documented
Mendocino Indian Food, Unspecified detail... (Chestnut, V. K., 1902, Plants Used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California, Contributions from the U.S. National Herbarium 7:295-408., pages 323)
Pomo, Kashaya Food, Vegetable detail... (Goodrich, Jennie and Claudia Lawson, 1980, Kashaya Pomo Plants, Los Angeles. American Indian Studies Center, University of California, Los Angeles, pages 31)
Yuki Food, Unspecified detail... (Curtin, L. S. M., 1957, Some Plants Used by the Yuki Indians ... II. Food Plants, The Masterkey 31:85-94, pages 85)