Carpobrotus chilensis (Molina) N.E. Br.

Common names: Baby Sunrose
Species details (USDA): USDA CACH38

Documented uses

3 uses documented
Luiseno Food, Fruit detail... (Sparkman, Philip S., 1908, The Culture of the Luiseno Indians, University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology 8(4):187-234, pages 232)
Pomo Food, Fruit detail... (Gifford, E. W., 1967, Ethnographic Notes on the Southwestern Pomo, Anthropological Records 25:10-15, pages 13)
Pomo, Kashaya Food, Fruit detail... (Goodrich, Jennie and Claudia Lawson, 1980, Kashaya Pomo Plants, Los Angeles. American Indian Studies Center, University of California, Los Angeles, pages 48)