Carthamus tinctorius L.

Common names: Safflower
Species details (USDA): USDA CATI

Documented uses

3 uses documented
Hopi Dye, Yellow detail... (Vestal, Paul A, 1940, Notes on a Collection of Plants from the Hopi Indian Region of Arizona Made by J. G. Owens in 1891, Botanical Museum Leaflets (Harvard University) 8(8):153-168, pages 167)
Hopi Food, Cooking Agent detail... (Fewkes, J. Walter, 1896, A Contribution to Ethnobotany, American Anthropologist 9:14-21, pages 20)
Hopi Food, Cooking Agent detail... (Whiting, Alfred F., 1939, Ethnobotany of the Hopi, Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin #15, pages 95)