Cicuta virosa L.

Common names: Mackenzie's Water Hemlock
Species details (USDA): USDA CIVI5

Documented uses

6 uses documented
Alaska Native Drug, Poison detail... (Heller, Christine A., 1953, Edible and Poisonous Plants of Alaska, University of Alaska, pages 153)
Eskimo, Inuktitut Food, Unspecified detail... (Wilson, Michael R., 1978, Notes on Ethnobotany in Inuktitut, The Western Canadian Journal of Anthropology 8:180-196, pages 192)
Eskimo, Inupiat Drug, Poison detail... (Jones, Anore, 1983, Nauriat Niginaqtuat = Plants That We Eat, Kotzebue, Alaska. Maniilaq Association Traditional Nutrition Program, pages 137)
Eskimo, Kuskokwagmiut Drug, Poison detail... (Oswalt, W. H., 1957, A Western Eskimo Ethnobotany, Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska 6:17-36, pages 21)
Eskimo, Western Drug, Poison detail... (Lantis, Margaret, 1959, Folk Medicine and Hygiene, Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska 8:1-75, pages 17)
Haisla and Hanaksiala Drug, Poison detail... (Compton, Brian Douglas, 1993, Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian Ethnobotany: The Knowledge and Usage of Plants..., Ph.D. Dissertation, University of British Columbia, pages 212)