Symphoricarpos sp.

Common names: Snowberry

Documented uses

3 uses documented
Chippewa Drug, Cathartic detail... (Densmore, Frances, 1928, Uses of Plants by the Chippewa Indians, SI-BAE Annual Report #44:273-379, pages 346)
Great Basin Indian Other, Hunting & Fishing Item detail... (Nickerson, Gifford S., 1966, Some Data on Plains and Great Basin Indian Uses of Certain Native Plants, Tebiwa 9(1):45-51, pages 50)
Havasupai Fiber, Furniture detail... (Weber, Steven A. and P. David Seaman, 1985, Havasupai Habitat: A. F. Whiting's Ethnography of a Traditional Indian Culture, Tucson. The University of Arizona Press, pages 243)